Saturday, July 12, 2008

Thrift/ Vintage Hunting #1: Salvation Army Family Thrift Store (SAFTS)

My very First venture into the local thrift stores! After seeing so many exciting finds other bloggers unearthed, I had to try my luck! This trip took place a few weeks ago and I've only got down to taking pictures (which were really challenging for me since there were so many lighting and camera issues) and posting about them now...

Best Find:
Black Swingy Chiffon Dress with nude satin lining

Besides the faulty zip, this is in perfect condition. If only I had a 1920s themed party to go to...

Find #2:
Pale Blue dress with tulle adornment at top

I intend to wear this as a slip or with simple layers over it...

Find #3:
Brand new Lace-Tulle Top from GG<5

This is a little tight for me but at only $2, I couldn't resist... Me thinks this will look good over a book cover...

Find #4:
A shirt appropriate for the workplace. It is actually a really lovely deep purple but due to the horrid bright light and my lack of skills, the pictures really do not do the shirt justice. The cloth is a gauzy silk texture with many teeny polka dots, and there are satin cloth buttons down the middle.

Another close up:

Sadly, outfit pictures are not in order yet as I really lack time and energy to dress up... Hopefully I'll have more posts and outfits by this week...

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