Saturday, July 26, 2008

Dr. Martens, Cure me from Wanting!

These few weeks, I've shopped lots, studied lots, slept extremely late, ate lots, I'm still kinda energetic, so here's to the last three weeks of the term!

I know Luella's Spring 2008 shows have made the blogger rounds a million times a million fashion years ago, but I'm not a stickler for being trendy and will wear the same few things till I find another object to fixate on...
So I will still say I'm still rather fixated on the light light layering for the outfits in the Luella show.

The tee-and-skirt/shorts-and-maybe-an-unlined-blazer combi (the weather only permits this much layering) has been serving me well, but after looking at the Luella outfits, I think the one thing which is sorely missing from my wardrobe now is a pair of boots with a lot of holes-and-lace action. I'd love a really pale pink pair.

(Pictures from

It isn't any surprise then that the ongoing Dr. Martens Design Competition 2008 caught my eye when I was picking up postcards a few weeks ago. Submit your designs and people all over the world vote for their favourites. Two designs will be selected, one by highest number of votes, the other a panel of judges will decide.

I had plans to join, but the hectic schedule meant only a sneak peek occasionally for me. I'm not that keen on the pairs of Dr. Martens sold locally since they cost well above $100 and there is extremely limited stock in extremely basic colours and is extremely difficult to get hold of. Nevertheless I'm intrigued by the designs churned out...

Above designs by Tim Low, Annette Abolins, Mark Goss, Auralee Postman, Yeo Tze Qing, Cherie Balowski, Emily Rose Kellerman and Jessica Lopez Clemot.

I'm still on the lookout for comfortable oxfords/ brogues and Marni-inspired shoes/ pointy wedges...


Anonymous said...

Hey, its Sarah from wottoncool. Sorry for getting back to you so late. I've been busy with camp preparation and I leave for a week-long camp tmr. But when I get back, I'll finalize the slippers stuff with you.(: sorry for the delay!

Raquel said...

emailed you! (:

yiqin; said...

I am still looking for brogues too! They are just so hard to find in Singapore! :( Those that are can find are so out of budget :/

LJ said...

ooh those doc martins are very interesting indeed..

happy holiday :)
xx-LJ from SOS!

indiratide said...

Interestingly enough my friend googled me. She found zis very blog. Brought it to my attention.
thanks for spreading the love.
I had fun designing boots for DM.
Great blog.
Thread end.

indiratide said...

Auralee Postman