Monday, January 5, 2009

Local: 100XStrut by *scape for

Back with a revamped arrangement and a new banner (albeit a little slanted...)! I really have no valid reason for not posting for so long, but then again this blog was just meant to be a place for my random fashion quickies... so god knows how long I'll be blogging...

Anyway, I first knew of this 100XStrut project from the emails sent to me monthly. *scape, which organized this event, invited 58 young designers to create outfits inspired by the 'multifaceted strengths of a woman's character', and all these outfits have been presented in a few fashion shows which I didn't have the chance to go.

100XStrut header

Apparently all of the outfits are on ebay and have a starting price of S$100... Here are a few of my favourites (click on the pictures to go to the ebay site):

black quilted bomber jacket

Sweet dresses...
layered lace skirt 1

layered lace skirt

Black & White Satin Duchess Toga Cocktail Dress

Lovely drapes and folds...
White Balloon Pants and White Blouse 2

The bubble hem done nicely...
Dragonfly Floral Print Tube Bubble Dress

I'm loving the details at the bust...
Dragonfly Floral Print Tube Bubble Dress detail