Monday, January 5, 2009

Local: 100XStrut by *scape for

Back with a revamped arrangement and a new banner (albeit a little slanted...)! I really have no valid reason for not posting for so long, but then again this blog was just meant to be a place for my random fashion quickies... so god knows how long I'll be blogging...

Anyway, I first knew of this 100XStrut project from the emails sent to me monthly. *scape, which organized this event, invited 58 young designers to create outfits inspired by the 'multifaceted strengths of a woman's character', and all these outfits have been presented in a few fashion shows which I didn't have the chance to go.

100XStrut header

Apparently all of the outfits are on ebay and have a starting price of S$100... Here are a few of my favourites (click on the pictures to go to the ebay site):

black quilted bomber jacket

Sweet dresses...
layered lace skirt 1

layered lace skirt

Black & White Satin Duchess Toga Cocktail Dress

Lovely drapes and folds...
White Balloon Pants and White Blouse 2

The bubble hem done nicely...
Dragonfly Floral Print Tube Bubble Dress

I'm loving the details at the bust...
Dragonfly Floral Print Tube Bubble Dress detail

Thursday, August 28, 2008

This is but the End of the Beginning

... back after a long long haitus! Will be resuming posting extremely soon. Now to get back to my cozy loft for a straight, long-awaited and definitely deserved 12 hours of sleep...

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A Timely Reminder...

When you want to relieve stress and log onto your favourite sites and you see this:

you know you have no choice but to go back to slogging...

but the end is very very near!!!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Dr. Martens, Cure me from Wanting!

These few weeks, I've shopped lots, studied lots, slept extremely late, ate lots, I'm still kinda energetic, so here's to the last three weeks of the term!

I know Luella's Spring 2008 shows have made the blogger rounds a million times a million fashion years ago, but I'm not a stickler for being trendy and will wear the same few things till I find another object to fixate on...
So I will still say I'm still rather fixated on the light light layering for the outfits in the Luella show.

The tee-and-skirt/shorts-and-maybe-an-unlined-blazer combi (the weather only permits this much layering) has been serving me well, but after looking at the Luella outfits, I think the one thing which is sorely missing from my wardrobe now is a pair of boots with a lot of holes-and-lace action. I'd love a really pale pink pair.

(Pictures from

It isn't any surprise then that the ongoing Dr. Martens Design Competition 2008 caught my eye when I was picking up postcards a few weeks ago. Submit your designs and people all over the world vote for their favourites. Two designs will be selected, one by highest number of votes, the other a panel of judges will decide.

I had plans to join, but the hectic schedule meant only a sneak peek occasionally for me. I'm not that keen on the pairs of Dr. Martens sold locally since they cost well above $100 and there is extremely limited stock in extremely basic colours and is extremely difficult to get hold of. Nevertheless I'm intrigued by the designs churned out...

Above designs by Tim Low, Annette Abolins, Mark Goss, Auralee Postman, Yeo Tze Qing, Cherie Balowski, Emily Rose Kellerman and Jessica Lopez Clemot.

I'm still on the lookout for comfortable oxfords/ brogues and Marni-inspired shoes/ pointy wedges...

Saturday, July 12, 2008


It's been so long ever since I've posted. Due to the extremely hectic days I've had, I haven't gotten a chance to sit down properly! Posts will most probably resume at a two-days-a-post pace I hope.

Anyway, I have never given
accessories much thought, partly due to the fact that the weather here is too unbearable for me to wear necklaces and bracelets since when I'm out, I tend to sweat so excessively I really do better free of those additional adornments. However, a recent peruse of Etsy has left me yearning for some, in the form of rings rather than their larger counterparts.

I generally prefer rings with a single focus, but the focal point has to be eye-catching and make a statement. This coral-coloured flower ring above is one of my favourites.
(From lulucoco)

This ruby ring with gold twists of wire and faceted surface has a very lovely feel to it. I love rich colours and this ring will be perfect with almost any outfit.
(From cynthiasheridan)

Rings composed of different mediums also tickle my fancy. Dark wood and metal look really good in this one...
(From miostudio)

This is for guys I suppose due to the broad and dramatically clean-cut and bold presentation. But it really appeals to me too...
(From noformdesign)

I love this combination of colours and surfaces. Bright turquoise blue with sparkling faceted red and swirly orange...mhmm...
(From phranne)

This bubble lace ring makes for a simple yet lovely adornment... It's rather large in surface area yet not chunky... I can imagine an outfit based on this ring!
(From ColleenBaran)

Here's where art and fashion meet, with a very lovely result too. This ring is made of hand-pleated silk and silver wire. What's better than having a pleated doily on your finger?
(From tinctory)

I always save the best for the last... Wouldn't that make the end even sweeter? Here's Wendy Brandes' magnum opus. The skull carved from black onyx and it's surounded by pave tsavorites with diamonds set on the inside of the ring. A kick-ass ring by a kick-ass lady (check out her blog). I want it for my wedding!

Here's a ring I recently purchased for S$20. The large adornment is faceted onxy with three tiny diamantes each on one side. It is surprisingly versatile and adds that extra weight or oomph when needed.