Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A Trip Worth Making

I found Haji Lane AT LAST!!! After lusting after the purple moccasins for 3 whole months [I first saw them on Bianca on March 14 (I have it recorded in my daily diary and yeah I'm such a geek)], I finally got them on Monday! Wheee~

Surprisingly I managed to squeeze into the 'last pair' of 36! Usually I'm a 37-nearer-to-38, but oh well now I truly believe in 'If there's a will, there's a way'. So way. And I'm definitely going to send it for resizing, and then it'll come back comfortable and sort-of broken in (:

Finding Haji Lane was a ker-razy task! Previously I had haboured ideas of going to Bianca many times before but didn't have the willpower to search for that itsy-bitsy store. But come that Monday, what with the heavily discounted price, my lust for those moccasins gave me that last push to locate that store.

After rounds and rounds of crossing Baghdad Street, Arab Street and Bussorah Street, I finally found that tiny aisle called Haji Lane, after asking a rather helpful owner along Baghdad Street.

Of course I rushed up the stairs (of the Blue Building of course) and lo! MY moccasins (: I can only hope that the very nice salesperson didn't find me weird as by then, I was sweating so profusely and (most probably) looked so earnest to purchase the shoes. Alright I left feeling extremely satisfied (:

It came in a pretty professional box too which serves both as shoe-box and holder so there's no need for a carrier! Smart ladies who love the earth indeed.

I didn't have enough time to walk down Haji Lane (which is really really narrow and compact; all the featured stores (find more info and lovely pictures here: Fashion is Spinach Guide) like White Room and House of Japan are just shoulder-to-shoulder), but they really look inviting. Plus all the colourful and luxurious merchandise along Arab Street...

I can't wait to go back!


Anonymous said...

nice shoes, in a cool box too! good buy (:

raq said...

thank you! whee a nice comment always brightens up my day (or night) (: