Sunday, June 22, 2008

Modify-It-Yourself #1

Recently, I've been buying too many things I like but will not wear frequently, and hence when I really need new, comfortable clothes, I often find my wallet near-empty. This then lead me to sort out my wardrobe and look for items I do not wear and transform them into items for daily wear.

One such inspiration came from that's just my vibe:

From Pixie Market

What I found that can be converted:
A striped shirt (excuse the crumples please) from eons ago which I bought for a trip where I had a million layers over it.

A rough estimation of how it'll turn out after some ironing:

Since orange is a rather hard colour for me to pull off, I'm highlighting the grey parts instead. I plan to alter the sleeves too and chop a few good inches off...

Another item I found lurking in the closet:
A skirt from a few years ago... I have no idea why I didn't wear this cos it still fits...

What I plan to do:
I'm kind of crazy over tie-dye now... so with the 'clean' canvas state the skirt is in now, I can either dye it in a single colour like this...

From shopbop

Or two-toned...

From Forever 21

Or just going crazy and dripping paints of all colours all over...

From Creatures of Comfort

Check back to see the final results and future 'Outfit-A-Day's!

1 comment:

ambika said...

What an incredibly cool alteration. I'll have to track down something striped at the thrift store and see if I can't replicate it.